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About Humans of Purpose: Gold Edition

Since 2017, we have brought you nearly 300 weekly podcast conversations telling the stories of our local purpose-driven leaders, whose work is having a positive social impact.

Humans of Purpose is a homegrown and independent Melbourne-based social enterprise and we've created a plethora of connections, opportunities and positive outcomes for our podcast guests and listener community.

Ultimately, we create inspiring and useful content that champions social changemakers and their work that has a higher social purpose and community impact. This gives others an example to learn from and the inspiration to launch their own journeys toward a more meaningful career and life.   

Join our generous members Andrew 1, Andrew 2, Chris, Nikki, Margaret, Ben, Misha, Sarah and Geoff and contribute a very reasonable $5 per month, for which we can offer you a dedicated podcast feed that includes a range of perks or member benefits outlined below: 
  • Removal of all three ads per episode
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  • Brokered intros to all podcast guests
By joining you'll help me to ensure that we are on the road to financial sustainability and enable me to grow and scale the impact of the podcast and our community. Why not join me on a journey of a thousand miles that starts with a single step?

- Mike Davis, Chief Podcaster
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